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Simple System Tweaker 2.2

A program to boost the speed, performance, and stability of your computer
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Simple System Tweaker is a program designed to help you boost the speed, performance, and stability of your computer without running the risk of damaging important system files. This is achieved by changing a variety of settings and giving your Windows-based computer a tune-up. With this tool, you will be able to adjust settings related to system performance, network and services, and the visual aspect of Windows.

Before making changes to your computer, it is important to use the registry backup feature included in the program. This way you will be able to restore your computer if something goes wrong. Doing this is as simple as clicking the Backup button at the startup screen once you run the program.

There are different ways that you can modify your system so that it runs in a way that best suits you. Besides, Simple System Tweaker lets you select the settings you want to adjust, for example, reducing the amount of times Windows accesses your hard drive, improving network sharing, disabling shadows of menu boxes on Windows, among many others. Under each tab, you will find a list of tweaks with a detailed description of each one, and boxes that can be checked or unchecked. In order to enable a tweak, you simply need to check the box and click Apply Tweaks after you have selected all modifications that you wish to apply. In order for the changes to be effective, the application will require a system restart.

All in all, Simple System Tweaker works by editing preferences in your registry file and offers a reliable, secure way to customize your Windows operating system. As a basic system tweaking tool, it has dozens of alterations that you can make to boost the performance of your computer. Plus, it is easy to use and is totally free.

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  • Dozens of tweaks to apply
  • Safe and reliable tool
  • Lets you backup and restore the registry in case you need to revert the changes
  • Free, without ads or extra software


  • The GUI could be improved
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